Blush, Peach and Taupe

Blush and peach are two pastel shades. Their warmth is doubled when you combine them with taupe. It is a beautiful summery combination. If blush or peach is not your colour, wear white or cream instead on your top half and simply add accessories in blush and peach.
The pastel hued gives a fresh and feminine vibe and when team with neutral, such as taupe, cream, navy or gray, it creates balanced and chic outfits. These mix are an elegant option to wear to the office. Finish off your look with taupe, cream, blush, coral or metallic shoes. Add a blush bag and you’re ready to go to work or, like me, to the beach.


DOMINIQUE (9 of 26)
Photography: Rodrigo Corvoda 
DOMINIQUE (13 of 26)
Feeling inspired to wear blush, peach and taupe?
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