Off-the-Shoulder is no longer a trend…

Off-the-Shoulder is no longer a trend… It’s becoming a fashion essential! The sexy top is everywhere in social media and every page of magazine. It’s not a new trend. Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly wore it in the 50s.
Outfit: Top – SIR / Scarf – Dior (Vintage) Bottom – Ralph Lauren flare jeans / Sandals – Steve Madden / Bracelet – Bauble Bar / Sunglasses – Burberry / Bag – Roberta Di Camerino (Vintage) Photography of me by Annie Gaudreau – 3C Style
Now with Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, the off-the-shoulder gets overexposure. But I’m not going to stop wearing mine. At least, not cold turkey. I should probably ease myself gently and restrain to once a week. That would be difficult since my off-the-shoulder tops are becoming my best summer’s friend. I could turn to bell-sleeves (so romantic) or boatneck (that way, I would still show my collarbones). Who am I kidding? I love off-the-shoulder. And I encourage women over 40 to try the look. We shouldn’t stop ourselves by those silly You can/You can’t rules. After all, we all have beautiful shoulders! If the challenge is for you how to dress in a tasteful and sophisticated way, don’t pick your brain out: simply wear an off-the-shoulder top like a regular sweater with a pencil skirt or cropped pants. I like to balance out the silhouette with flare jeans for an effortlessly chic summer look.02-stay-strong-web
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