Care and makeup for the beach and the pool

Photography by 3C Style
Want to go for a swim but the no make-up look ain’t your style and you’re afraid to smudge your face. No problem. Follow these tips for a swim-proof natural-looking glow that will outlast your fun time in water.
#womenatthebeachCredit: Pixabay


To achieve a pretty swim-proof make-up, I recommend that you prep your skin the night before. Do an exfoliating treatment then apply a serum.
Use a tinted BB cream instead of a foundation to cover up blemishes. It will give you a healthy-looking sheen. Make sure that your product is a oil-free formula with a SPF protection. For those of you who prefer to use a foundation, opt for water-based products. A good option is the correction fluid foundation Couvrance – Avène Thermal Water. Remember that you must apply the makeup foundation sparingly, especially during summer. With sweat, the foundation can clog pores and give you pimples. Don’t forget to protect your skin with sunscreen prior to using make-up —even if your make-up products contain some. We are never too careful!


It is unthinkable for you to go outdoors without a sweep of mascara. I get it. Try the waterproof formula. It will prevent you looking like a raccoon!


Avoid making a luscious mouth with bright lipstick colors. For an elegant look, rosy gloss or coral shades are preferred. These colors are very pretty on a lightly tanned skin. And although several lip glosses contain SPF (sun protection factor), do not forget to protect the skin of your lips with a protective balm.


Nude shades are always stylish, but you can also have fun with bright colors. It’s very trendy, specially in summer. The color can be harmonize to your swimsuit and you can even wear different shades on your hands and feet. With a blue swimsuit, you could for example wear navy blue on your feet and coral or aqua on your hands.


See my color chart for mani & pedi combos, HERE

My own routine before going to the beach or pool

#womanatthebeachwithhatPhotography of 3C Style by Ocean Photo
1. I apply a regenerating serum to moisturize my skin the night before;
2. I clean my face with Lierac’s cleansing cream or micellar water even if I’m not wearing any make-up;
3. I put sunscreen SPF 50+;
4. If necessary, I apply a BB cream to unify my skin (these days, I use Kiehl’s beautifying and Corrective Cream SPF 50);
5. I protect my lips with Avène Thermal Water SPF 30 balm. Sometimes, I add a gloss (Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo SPF 15). Usually, I just colored the entire surface of my lips with a pencil. I love Lise Watier’s Nude pencil for its very natural effect as well as the twist & sharp automatic lip stylo in Blush.
6. Finally, I carry in my beach bag Kiehl’s ginseng flowers and cactus refreshing mist. It helps to remove oil on the skin and control shiny face. Spray whenever you need it.
Wishing you a wonderful Summer! 
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