Nail polish combos for your manicure & pedicure




Choosing fingernail and toenail polish color can be overwhelming. Natural or bright color? Sheer or opaque? Your choice. Polish is like any other accessory —It’s very personal. You can match the color to your outfit or use a contrasting color to bright it up. You could even ditch the matching mani-pedi duo and wear two different colors like I usually do. Just make sure they coordinate. You can color coordinate by wearing complimentary colors (the use of two colors directly across from each other on the color wheel). For example, orange is opposite blue.
You can also choose from the same color palette such as mauve and lilac. I prefer brighter color on the toes and lighter hue on the hands, but you do you.

Here’s a color chart to help you choose


My go-to is usually grey for my toenails and cream or nude for my fingernails. I have been using this combo for the past two years mainly because it is easy to match with my clothes. But I also wear high contrast green, deep sea blue, red and vibrant coral for fun. It is fabulous with open-toed sandals and the easiest way to bring color to a monochromatic outfit. If you’re wearing patterns or a lot of accessories, it might be better to keep it simple.
Secretly painted underside nails – Image:
I have to admit that I’m more inclined to subtle colors and that’s what I mostly wear year round. My relationship with high-contrast color on my hands and feet is the same as with chips. I like it and enjoy some once in a while, but I try not to over do it. I don’t do nail art at all, but I probably will try the secretly painted underside trend.
Here’s some great ideas from In Style for 2019 Summer manicure and pedicure nail polish pairings.



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