Are you Rio-ready?



With the Rio Olympics starting, I thought I would borough my son’s track pants and sprint ahead in the sporty-chic trend. I admit, it’s my first time with leisurewear such as this… I thought that I was too old for it, but I was wrong obviously. Now, if my son wants his joggers back, he’ll have to run for them! 
I also like this Vintage long jacket. I think it would be lovely as a coat dress too. Slit, stitched, ready when you are —a super piece in denim you can wear with booties or sneakers. Absolutely!
The sporty-chic style is here to stay. Make no mistake about it, we are at the start of a vast trend, sent by the young, who are looking for comfortable clothing that’s functional. I totally get it. I will sport the athleisure trend by using basics in my closet. For example, side-stripe pants mix with a t-shirt, trainers, a denim jacket and a baseball cap. Perhaps, I could borrow my son’s hoodie too? Lol.
Good luck to all Canadian athletes!
IMG_6509Photography by Annie Gaudreau – 3C Style


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