3 things to do before you go shopping

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Doing the grocery when your hungry is not a good idea. We know it. A similar principle applies when shopping for clothes. Before your next shopping trip, first check what you need and what you plan to buy. Otherwise, you may come back with same or similar clothes to those you already have in your wardrobe. Worse, you could end up with pieces that do not match at all with what you have! Here are three tips to help you avoid making impulse purchases.

Do an inventory of your wardrobe

Ideally, you should do at least two annual inventories, one in spring and one in fall. This allows you to see if the essential items of your wardrobe need to be renewed. Is the fabric of the cashmere you wear with absolutely everything in good condition? Does your white blouse look tired? Your favorite jeans became too small? If you have recently done a full inventory, you just have to take a quick look at your clothes, especially those you love but you have not worn for some time. Ask yourself why? Is there another way to wear the tweed jacket and the little red dress that you liked so much? Sometimes it just takes a new necklace, a scarf or a belt to revive your old clothes.

Make a list

Now that you know what you need, make a list of the basics and accessories you have to buy to create new sets. You can also add some trendy pieces that you want. Note these in a different column and write the date you put them on your list. Then, check the Web for the price of each items in your list. This will give you a better idea of the budget required and you can adjust your list accordingly. Too often we do our shopping, with only a vague idea of what we want and we get caught by the sales. Besides, it is not because a shirt is 50% off that it’s necessarily a good buy. Especially if it is not on your list! For my part, I apply the rule “the PRICE divided by the approximate NUMBER OF TIMES I’ll wear it during the year”. Do the math. You will find that it is often smarter to buy a garment or an accessory whose price is more expensive but you will wear often and for a long time. Of course, fashion changes but the classics still remain fashionable.

Wait at least 7 days before you go shopping

This is the most difficult step. Waiting a week before going to the mall or the store is long … Especially for a fashionista. Okay, if it is a necessity as nylons or tights, you can go immediately. Otherwise wait. You will see that by simply writing on a piece of paper and then wait a bit limited impulse purchases. The trendy items that you had put on your list may have been replaced. Remember to include the date on which these new items have been added and meet the recommended time frame. When the time comes, take your list and stick to it when shopping. Apply these steps also when shopping online.
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