Layering with La Vita Glam

Hair Slinky, by the Canadian company La Vita Glam, are cool and stylish hair ties. They look as pretty on your wrist as in your hair. Having a hair tie near by at all times is useful.


But this essential hair accessory has other assets. According to La Vita Glam, it has a much longer lifetime compared to other types of hair ties on the market. The secret? Its material, a thermoplastic polyurethane. It is strong, lightweight, malleable and immune to bacteria. No wonder this chemical compound is also used in the manufacture of sport shoes and medical devices. With this material, if you find your ties stretching out after regular use, you can give your Hair Slinky its original form and its grip by simply putting it a few minutes in boiling water. It works. I’ve experienced it.


Available in different colors, Hair Slinky allows a firm hold that resists even when you do sports. Super effective for fine hair (the elastic does not slip), the product of La Vita Glam suits all hair types because it is extensible. The Slinky Hair is also available in a larger format that will suit those with very thick hair. Another advantage, it’s easy with Hair Slinky to quickly make a ponytail or a bun, without damaging the hair. They do not get tangled around the elastic. Gone is the nightmare of broken hair stuck in the elastic! I also like this hair tie because it does not leave a mark in your hair when you remove it.
Verdict: I recommend without hesitation Hair Slinky by La Vita Glam because it is an eco-friendly product that allows for great hairstyles without damaging the hair.
Photography by Annie Gaudreau – 3C style
Thank you La Vita Glam for sending me your product for a review on my blog. Thanks to my readers for trusting 3C Style and its content. I only accept collaborations I know my readers will appreciate. As always, all thoughts are my own and honest opinion.
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