How-To Wear Fall floral Prints

Floral prints have become a style staples. I’m not surprised because who doesn’t love flowers? This season, the trend is blooming as shown in many runways from Balenciaga to Coach. Don’t be intimidated by the Autumn darker blooms. It is super easy to rock this style. Just replace your leopard by a floral print as the fallback pattern. Here’s another idea how you can master the Fall floral trend with 3 basics probably already in your closet.


  • A floral maxi-length dress;
  • Suede boots;
  • And a colorful belt.
img_6950Photography of 3C Style by Annie Gaudreau
Relax Boho chic is easy to achieve with a floral maxi-length dress. This beautiful one I am wearing is from Era Vintage Wear. I paired it with suede boots and an earth tone bag for a ’70s glamour vibe. I just add an orange belt to define my waist and give the outfit a pop of color.
Have fun with your wardrobe. Try the dark flower-patterned on clothing or go with a subtle floral touch —an accessory is all you need to stand out.
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