How to wear green?

 Greenery, a zesty yellowy-green shade, is the Pantone color of 2017.
Michael Kors, Max mara and Mary Katrantzou – InStyle
This is not the most easy shade of green to match. But if you pair it with khaki, neutrals or bright pops of pink, you’re safe. If Greenery is not your thing, feel free to wear WHATEVER shade of green you want. The idea is to embrace the environmentally-friendly mindset. I have found myriad of ways that you can wear green.
When in doubt or for a minimalist look, wear this color with neutral tones such as beige, nude, camel and gray.
Note: Yellow and orange bring cheerfulness to your outfits. Mixing a warm color, like yellow or orange, with a cold color such as green can be tricky if your a novice in color coordination. Remember to use white, beige, camel, black or grey to balance the look.
With black, white or cream… It’s easy!



With different tones of the same color (camaieu)… For an instant Wow!
Note: Khaki is also very nice with burgundy, coral and pink. 
Greenery with fushia… Is all you need to stand out!
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    1. C’est mon avis aussi. J’aime également les ensembles avec un mélange de vert et de bleu. J’ai un faible pour les agencements avec des couleurs complémentaires.


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