Clothing Remix: My Tweed Pants

This is the first capsule of clothing remix. The idea is to take ONE piece from my wardrobe and create a new outfit with items already in my closet. The goal here is not to end up with several ensembles but to have one new stunning outfit that I will actually wear and feel good in. I do this twice a year, usually before spring and fall, and I find myself buying less clothing. Sometimes all it takes to refresh a wardrobe are some trendy accessories. Here’s how to do it.
  1. Choose one piece at the time so you won’t get overwhelmed with a bunch of clothes laying on your bed. It is easier this way to complete the task without spending to much time on it.
  2. Ask yourself these questions: Do I want to wear this piece for a special occasion, for work or weekends? Which colors or patterns would be nice with it? Do I want to achieve a minimalist or a maximalist look? Is there a new trend that I want to try with this piece of clothing? Do I need to buy something to created the look? Is DIY a possible option?
  3. Let yourself be inspired by nature, art, a scarf, a jewelry, a color or a photo…
  4. Be open minded and have fun. The key is to try different mixing items you already have in your wardrobe. You will be surprised; sometimes just by introducing a new color combination helps to create a completely different look.
  5. If you’re not sure. Perhaps this post could help you learn more on how to mix colors: The six basic techniques for creating color schemes. You could also have a friend helping you. Then the task suddenly becomes a more enjoyable moment.
See below how I completed the remix of my tweed pants.
The piece: Tweed pants.
How I normally wear it: With a print blouse, a puffer vest and booties for a vintage vibe.
Photography of 3C Style2014-10-08 15.29.18-4
What I’m looking for: I seek a more modern look that is still fun.
Inspiration: My silver pumps.  I like the contrast of style (a feminine piece with one that is inspired from the boys fashion).


My look : Unfortunately, we don’t see the blue stripes of the blouse, which matches the color of the bag.
Photography of 3C Style by Annie Gaudreau 
Have you tried to remix some of your clothing? How do you do it? Tell me, I’d love to hear from you.02-stay-strong-web
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