Remix: with bell sleeves

Round 3 of the capsules of clothing remix. Remember, I take ONE piece from my wardrobe and create a new outfit with items already in my closet. The goal here is not to end up with several looks but to have one new stunning outfit that I will actually wear and feel good in. Read my post Remix: my tweed pants to know how I actually do it.

Here’s how I remixed my ivory skirt

The piece: An A-line ivory skirt.
How I normally wear it: I usually wear this skirt with a black turtleneck and knee high boots.
What I want: I want to try the bell sleeves trend with this skirt. I seek some drama and romance but I don’t want the look to be overwhelming.
Inspiration: A photo from the blog ‘The Vogue Word’.


My look 
Photography of 3C Style by Annie Gaudreau IMG_7820
I like this top because of its subtle version of bell sleeves that still add a touch of drama and romance to the look. I also like the mix of rust, ivory, black and grey in the outfit. I usually seek in my clothing a sense of ease and bell sleeves are not always practical, as they get in the way when writing and eating. The sleeves of this top are not too long. I feel I have wings, but I’m comfortable.
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    1. Thanks Cris for your comment and yes just like you I seek in my clothing a sense of ease. Bell sleeves are not always practical but I like the subtle version.


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