National stripes day!


Photography of 3C Style by Annie Gaudreau

Today, it’s J. Crew new made-up holiday: the National stripes day! Love the idea (and have to admit a good marketing strategy too) since stripes are part of my wardrobe essentials. I wear them often with leopard, flower print, tweed and denim. I have 20 pieces with stripes: t-shirts, maxi-dress, skirts, pants, button-down, sweaters and jackets. I think I’ll let myself buy one more to match the magic number of 21. According to J. Crew it is the “number of stripes on the Breton shirts worn by sailors in the French navy, signifying Napoleon’s 21 victories against the British”.
J. Crew Imagno/Getty Images


This pouch might make it to my wardrobe…
Pouch in stripe $52.50 – J. Crew
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