Earth day

Jeans, silk blouse, trench and a zest of orange … In honor of the Earth Day which will take place on April 22nd. Let’s celebrate with action. Not just on April 22; Every day of the year. It is only through actions that we will succeed in changing consumption habits.
Consumers have the power to act and change things by not buying too much clothing and making eco-socio-responsible choices. So let’s avoid as much as possible over-consumption. Consider reusing our assets by giving them a second life before recycling them. Use public transportation, cycling or walking. The combination of millions of small gestures makes the difference!

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 Each Quebecers throw 24 kg of clothing per year!

  1. Un superbe blog qui mélange le fond et la forme (un peu dans la veine de ce que j’essaie de produire de mon côté). Pleins de bonnes choses !!

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  2. Such an important message. Your outfit with earth tones also complements this post so much. Thanks for the lovely post. Have a wonderful weekend. Kind regards, xoxo Cris

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