One Bumber Jacket, Two Looks

This reversible bumber is multi-functional. With its camo on one side and graphic print on the other, it allows you to have two trendy items in one piece. That means you double your outfit options. It also offers an easy transition from day to night. Wear one side to the office and turn it to go meet your friends after work. Et voilà, a completely different look in a snap. A good investment you’ll say. Definitely! But reversible clothing have other benefits. For example, you can travel light. Having an item that can be worn two ways means less clothes to bring… Or more luggage space for shoes! Which ever you prefer.
Personally, I seek for reversible clothing because they are eco-friendly. Fact: when a piece allows us to wear it in lots of different ways, we tend to buy less clothes, which is good for the environment. Plus, reversible clothes are usually quality items. As they are made to be worn inside out, they tend to be well-made products so they won’t loose there shape. So you know that your money is well spend because your item of clothing will offer you versatility and it will last.
Do you wear reversible clothing?


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