Camo, yellow & pineapple

I love to wear yellow. Probably because it reminds me of lemon and pineapple desserts, which I can’t resist. So when my friend Christiane gave me this beautiful linen tee (an eco-friendly material) print with gold pineapples, I knew with what I was going to wear it. Yep! With something yellow. Here’s how I re-mixed my yellow pencil skirt. This is round 5 of my capsules about clothing remix.
Remember, I take ONE piece from my wardrobe and create a new outfit with items that already in my closet (the tee is a gift so, I guess, I’m not breaking any rule). The goal here is not to end up with several ensembles but to have one new stunning outfit that I will actually wear and feel good in. Read my post Remix: my tweed pants to know how I actually do it.
The piece:  A yellow pencil skirt.
How I normally wear it: I usually wear this skirt with a black blouse or a grey cashmere sweater and leopard shoes.
What I want: I want a casual spring outfit.
Inspiration: My pineapple tee.
My look:


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  1. Merci Aria! J’ai acheté cette jupe de MaxMara il y a quelques années déjà, mais sa coupe est classique et je ne m’en lasse pas. La prochaine fois, je l’agencerai peut-être avec un blouson de cuir?

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    1. sweet pineapple ,,tres belle outfit ,,inspirant ,,,je vais chercher ds ma garde robe et je pense que jE VAIS TROUVER HA HA !

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    2. Pas besoin que ce soit un t-shirt imprimé d’ananas. L’idée est de remplacer la blouse par un t-shirt. J’aime aussi les imprimés avec des melons, des fleurs et, bien sûr, les rayures!

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