Striped skirt with a graphic tee

I love stripes. I have for a long time. It’s such a classic pattern. I often mix my striped items with floral or leopard prints. A match winner! But these days, everybody does it. So, I thought why not clash this print against a graphic tee, a major trend this spring. Besides, I’m in the mood for exploring right now. Here’s how I re-arranged my striped pencil skirt. This is round 6 of my capsules about clothing remix. Remember, I take ONE piece from my wardrobe and create a new outfit with items that I already own. The goal here is not to end up with several ensembles but to have one new stunning outfit that I will actually wear and feel good in. Read my post Remix: my tweed pants to know how I actually do it.
The piece:  A red and black striped pencil skirt.
How I normally wear it: I usually wear this skirt with a white button-down and pumps for a professional and polished look.
What I want: I want a casual street style look. You know, a nice outfit with a laid-back feel.
Inspiration: What a better way to create a street style look than with a t-shirt?
My look:


How will you style your graphic t-shirt this spring? Tell me, I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. I received my new graphic tee last Friday. It’s so beautiful that I’m afraid to wear it because every day brings on new stains, spills and clumsiness. I AM the American version of Lisa Leblanc’s “Aujourd’hui Ma Vie C’est la Merde” –but only when it comes to ruining clothing. The tee that I ordered? J Crew’s “Heels on Fire”. I may wear it to my niece’s Uni graduation this weekend!! I LOVE your ensemble!!!!!

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    1. Thanks for sharing Catherine! Personally, I have to stop wearing my graphic t-shirt; at least for a while, because I’ve been wearing it so often that I’m beginning to look like a carton character! Send me a link or a photo of your t-shirt if you can so I could see it. I did try to find it on J. Crew’s site but couldn’t. Take care!

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    1. Yes, I just started on Instagram: 3cstyle_fashion (because apparently there is another 3cstyle. How could this be!!!!! ha, ha). I will search for you on Instagram…

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  2. you got a great casual look 🙂
    I wear my tees with literally everything- denim, skirts, overalls, shorts or tailored pants… It is such a piece that with good accessories looks good with everything, isn’t it?
    Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Anja! I’m more a button-down kinda girl, but I do love the graphic t-shirt trend and will try to incorporate them more often into my wardrobe. Have a great weekend.

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    1. Thanks Genny. I like to wear a tee with a pencil skirt and blazer. It is less formal than a blouse and a graphic tee adds extra sass to a laid-back outfit.

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