I’m an #eragirl! A vintage clothing lover

My search for THE perfect vintage store has been going on for years. Until one year ago! I met Elaine Léveillé, the owner of Era Vintage Wear, a unique vintage shop located in Montreal, Quebec. Her boutique includes an impressive collection of clothing from the ’20s to ’80s. Exactly what I had been looking for. It’s a must-see for the vintage clothing lovers. Plus, it’s always a real pleasure being in the company of Elaine, and to talk about fashion and music with her. A pure moment of joy and as she says: “A shopping thERApy!” Watch out though because once you step into her world, you’ll want to become an Era girl too. The desire to buy everything in her shop will be strong. But like Oscar Wilde said: “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it!” Don’t feel guilty about it either. Buying vintage pieces is synonymous to valuable purchasing and is environmentally responsible. BTW Era Vintage Wear has a new website, and you can now shop online.
Here are a few of the fabulous pieces I purchased this year from Era Vintage Wear.

1. A floral print belt

IMG_7672Photography of 3C Style by Annie Gaudreau
I like to style it different ways.


2. Two silk dress

IMG_8725 2IMG_1254

3. An 80’s vibe turtleneck


4. A 70’s Boho maxi dress


5. A wool knitted cardigan

Wool knitted cardigan

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    1. Oh, It was a beautiful coat-dress,100% silk. I wore it twice, droped some food on it and the dry cleaner apparently lost it. Couldn’t take more photos of it… So sad.


  1. Love to mix vintage clothing with contemporary pieces. It’s part of my style personality. And if It’s green, my signature color, even better. Thanks for stopping by!


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