My first selfie at 50!

Former US President Barack Obama and Pope Francis have done many; Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, singer Justin Bieber and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are regulars. Selfies, also called “Egoportraits”, are a true social phenomenon.
This practice of self-capture is so common today that Quebec animator Kim Rusk, who became known in 2006 after winning the third edition of the Loft Story, has even named her collection of clothing Selfie.
I do not judge this practice. But I do not see myself photographing all my daily activities; Of the contents of my plate at breakfast to the pajamas that I wear. Although, I do have a beautiful one from J. Crew that… In any case, no question of taking a picture with a deceased beloved or after having made love with my spouse. Two recent trends (which frankly I prefer not to see). As if everything we live must be shared in order to have value. And it takes a lot of “Like”, of course, otherwise we will depress, right? A recent study by #StatusOfMind of the Royal Society revealed that addicts at Instagram, where there are thousands of selfies every day, are more likely to be anxious and depressed.
At first glance, a selfie seems to be a narcissistic gesture; The etymology referring to the English word “selfish”, “egoism”, “egocentric”. False, according to IG users, me included. “Selfie is above all a reflection of an independent, confident and fun-loving person” Says Kim Rusk on her blog. I believe that this is a new means of communication induced by the proliferation of social networks. There is also a need for recognition, according to experts. In short, as I am a blogger who likes to have fun and experiment, I made my first selfie… On my 50th birthday! True, I swear. I wanted to immortalize this special moment. We do not have half a century every day! Plus, I wore a pretty dress from Era Vintage Wear.
Oh my, what an awful pic of me! Obviously, I need more practice. Will I ever master the art of making a beautiful selfie? I doubt. This may be the subject of an upcoming blog post. Meanwhile, I’m tempted to buy this beautiful phone case.
2520455_iphone7_418600.png.350x350Adele, phone case illustration from Brooke Hagel –
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  1. I don’t want to catch up with this selfie trend although I am 34. I can not find any reasons to take a photo of my plate and post it on a regular basis. Perhaps my very first cake or pizza, which actually were “milestones” in my kitchen. On the other hand I can not imagine that there are anybody out there who is really interested in my plates, food design, Monday morning outfit and so on.

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    1. I share your point of view. I also understand the need for selfies. I believe that humans today feel the need to share images of their daily lives with fellow human beings and the current technologies gives them the means to do so. The narrative of their lives is there, in images. Proof that they exist!

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    2. I understand this. But when meeting my friends personally we do not talk about our cloths and meals all the time. If it of no particular interest in our everyday conversations I can not see the demand for it in the digital word either.

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  2. I don’t get it either like I said I did one selfie in my life. But I think it’s important for some to communicate through images with other people, not necessarily close friends, because it’s easier; there is no langage barrier. And what do you talk about when it’s someone who you don’t really know or even people you know but don’t see often ? You post things like the places you visited, what you had for lunch… I think there is a study to do about this phenomenal.


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