Céline Dion, the Vogue diva

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Céline Dion, the Vogue diva

With her talents as a burlesque comedian, Céline Dion hits a home run with Vogue video. The world-renowned Quebec singer proves once again that she has mastered the art of creating magical moments and is able to move us and make us laugh in a very unique way. But in real life, she does not take herself to seriously. Under her fanciful looks in the video, Celine Dion is an exceptional, gentle and funny woman. I met her a few years ago. I have never forgotten this meeting. Let me tell you the story.

I was 19 years old. I was invited to a party organized by Céline and her late husband, René, at a restaurant in Montreal. It was an evening of thanks to Céline’s musicians and I was accompanying a friend. While the guests waited for the meal, Céline walked around all the tables. We shook hands (oh, god, she has a strong handshake!) and we talked a little. I do not remember what we discussed; First, because it dates back 30 years but mostly because my hand was hurting. It’s as if it had been in a vise. And, I must say, I am not of a fragile nature. I may be a bit masochistic however, because I immediately liked her. And I have loved Céline Dion ever since. Yes, she is a talented singer (and also an excellent actress for those who don’t know), but she is also authentic despite her celebrity. The Alpha Woman model at its best; Funny, kind, strong, generous and faithful to herself and what is important in her life. All her performances carry a message of solidarity and pacifism.

In the Vogue video, she shines like a star and enjoys playing the role of a diva! I say “play” because in real life, Celine is really interested in others. She is a stage beast but also a woman of great sensitivity and she certainly does not have a diva attitude. She maintains a strong link with her roots.

I wish our paths would cross again. But this time, I would give her a kiss on the cheeks instead of shaking her hand!

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  1. Excellent article sur Celine Dion. Je l’ai toujours beaucoup apprécié comme artiste et en tant que femme. Je suis toujours étonnée et déçue de lire des commentaires désobligeants de l’intelligencia québécoise a son endroit. Bravo pour cette belle objectivité!

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  2. Merci Imelda. Je déplore aussi que les artistes de chez nous ne soient pas assez valorisés. Par exemple, plusieurs de nos designers québécois et canadiens comme Melissa Nepton, Ève Gravel, Valérie Dumaime, Nisse, Meemoza, pour ne nommer que ceux-la, méritent à mieux connaître. En ce qui concerne Céline, je le dis et le répète, elle est fabuleuse et exceptionnelle. C’est mon avis. Je ne crois pas être très objective – quand “j’aime pour une fois c’est pour toujours” comme dit la chanson de Richard Desjardins -, mais mes propos témoignent de ce que je pense réellement. Contente que tu partages mon opinion. Merci encore pour ton commentaire. Il est toujours agréable d’avoir ton avis.


    1. I am very happy that you enjoyed it Cris. You hit it right with the fact that she worked hard and is down to Earth. Speak to you soon. xoxo Dominique


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