It’s all in the details!

The trend for all things embroidered is going strong. It’s one cool way to elevate your outfit. Stick to subtle embroider pieces for a casual and chic vibe or go wild like Dolce & Gabbana and make a statement. Your choice. It is definitely one detail that will make your outfit more dazzling. Just know there is many other ways to bring oumph to your look. It’s all about the details!


Top – Era Vintage Wear Jeans – Citizens of Humanity (available at Room Service Loft Boutique) HandBag – Fendi (thrift) Sunglasses – Derek Lam (thrift) Beaded Orb Earrings – J. Crew Mules – Vero Cuoio (which mean created by Italian shoewear artisans) Watch – Michael Kors
I’ll admit, I’m obsessed with details, especially in clothing. I carefully look at the quality of the fabric, the print, the cut and the versatility of the piece. And, of course, the item also has to be made by a brand or a designer who is socio-eco-friendly. A very important detail for me. This vintage top fits all these criteria.
Its embroidery is the first thing that caught my eyes. The attention to detail in this top is impressive. For a casual chic look, I styled it with jeans and an embroidered bag (which by the way I thrifted). Although it is a top, I immediately saw its potential as a skirt. I had to try it to see if it worked. I simply turn the garment a little bit to the side to emphasize the asymmetry of the design. One new outfit made out in a snap!



My message here is to look for a twist in the design of the clothing when you are shopping, whether it is embroidery, a special print, an embellished lace or an amazing fabric. It’s the easiest way to bring detail into your outfits. Also, let your imagination take over. You might find new ways to wear your clothes (see my approach in the Remix Capsules, here and here).
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    1. J’aime aussi beaucoup l’effet de la jupe. Je ne savais pas trop ce que cela allait donner comme résultat, mais je suis pas mal satisfaite. La preuve qu’il faut laisser libre cours à son imagination. Merci pour ton commentaire Imelda. Bon jeudi.


  1. Je te suis totalement, je suis aussi légèrement obsédée avec les détails qui apportent la dernière touche et saveur à nos looks !
    Et j’approuve très fort la maxime soyez forte, soyez stylée !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, je suis contente que cela te plaise Nathalie. Dans le prochain billet, je vais parler de tous ces petits détails qui apportent du style à nos tenues et font la différence.


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