A good selfie or a good meal? #fashioncartoons


Don’t feel like eating pasta. But near window would make a great selfie! 


Selfies, also called “Egoportraits”, are a true social phenomenon. This practice of self-capture is so common today. Regardless of the photo’s quality, I think it is a way not only to grab attention but to show a bit of our private life. It also has the power to make an exchange clear in an instant. Yes, they can be a little vain, but selfies are primely tools of communication. Though, for many it influences their daily decisions such as where they’ll eat. Because, of course, it’s a lot more important to take a good selfie than to have a good meal, right ? So what if some people photograph all their daily activities; Of the contents of their plate at breakfast to the pajama that they wear for the dodo – (Uh, perhaps I should do it too? I have a beautiful pajama from J. Crew). In any case, no question of taking a picture with a deceased beloved or after having made love with my spouse. Two recent trends (which frankly I prefer not to see). As if everything we live must be shared in order to have value. What about you guys ? Do you draw the line at some point ?



Original idea and storyboard: Dominique Nancy of 3C Style – Illustration: Angie Ordonez

Have a Great weekend everyone. Stay strong, stay stylish ! 

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    1. I’m so surprise to hear that from you Cris. You are such a wonderful photographer! I would of thought that selfie holds no mystery to you. Than again, selfies by nature create an odd point of view. I have not yet master the art of making a good selfie either. Have a great Sunday my friend and thanks for stoping by.


  1. This is hard to say and I think its super individual. Today I posted a video, where I am wearing my PJs, but Im not sure if I am super comfortable about sharing it all the time…. Depends on so many factors… like always everything depends on everything… 🙂
    Happy Monday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pjs today look sometimes like regular outfits. Everything depends on how you feel and what you want to share. You are right, it is multifactorial! On my way to see your video. I’m sure that I will love it as usual.


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