Multitasking, a necessary evil!


Of course, I can do many things at the same time. I’m a working mom and a blogger!


Answering the phone, sending a text message and preparing a meal, we do that every day when we are a professional family mother. And it is without counting the demands of a blog that you have to feed several times a week with new ideas, photos, texts. “Multitasking is a reality in our lives today, so we better get used to this; it will go on increasing with the technologies of all kinds that invade us, “comments the neuropsychological researcher Jocelyn Faubert of the University of Montreal, who has studied phenomena for 15 years.

The good news is that you can train your brain at any age to improve your performance when you expose yourself to what scientists call combined tasks. Professor Faubert knows something about this because he has plunged professional athletes into a simulator of his invention where the subject must follow the movement of bullets that go faster and faster to recognize them when the movement ceases. An extremely difficult game when you are not gifted. High-level athletes (such as National Hockey League players, NCAA and Premier League players) score well after a few sessions. “The surprise is that even the elderly can improve. When measured their performance improvement, the growth curve is similar to that of young adults.”

Grandma does not want to hear about new technologies ? She is wrong because computers, tablets and smart phones would be within her reach if she made the effort. “Even older people who do the tasks with more difficulty a priori can acquire amazing skills after only a few workouts. This is the great surprise to which my work gave rise, “says Bianca Bier, who recently submitted a doctoral thesis to the Department of Psychology at the Université de Montréal. For several years, she had subjected research subjects of all ages to tests where they had to direct their attention to two or even three tasks at the same time. Their first results were weak but their improvement was constant and could go very far.

Multitasking is not new, says Jocelyn Faubert. When driving a car, we are totally in multitasking mode. You drive your car while chatting with the passenger and take a look in the rear-view mirror to monitor the children, which does not stop you from slowing down at the traffic light or braking suddenly if a bike pops up. “The problem is not to do several things at the same time, but to choose which one is the most important,” he said. But be carrefull. There are tasks that require our full attention and can not be combined.

Writing a text message while driving is not a good idea. Doing a selfie while riding a bike either.

Here’s an example of how sport’s trainers use Jocelyn Faubert’s invention to improve multitasking in professional athletes.

Original idea and storyboard: Dominique Nancy of 3C Style – Illustration: Angie Ordonez

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Have a Great week everyone. Stay strong, stay stylish ! 

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    1. I don’t think that men are worst at multitasking. It’s just that they are usually less willing to multitask for domestic chores. But you may be the exception as I know you cook and help Susan a lot around the house. Have a great week my friend.

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  1. To be honest I try to do everything not to multitask. I feel like, i am more productive, when I dont. My mum always repeats, though, that I can try not to multitask, but it will all change when I have kids… Lets see then 😀
    Happy Wednesday!

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    1. I am the same for many tasks; one at a time works better for me. For example, I never was able to studied while listening to music. It distracts me too much. But I can easily help the kids with their homework while preparing the diner. It all depends on the type of task I guess. Have a great day too.


  2. Great post. I believe women are better at it because women have no choice, we have to do everything plus. The same would go to single parents males, who have to juggle work, kids and house duties. Interesting post. xoxo Cris

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    1. Hello Novus. I forgot to reply to your comment. Sorry for the delay. You are right. It is extremely difficult these days not to multitasking. And yet, focusing on one thing at a time and seize the moment is so much more enjoyable. I try to find a balance like you. Easier said than done! Thanks for visiting my blog.


    2. I’ve been blogging for 2 ½ years and it was not my intention to sell anything via my blog. But with our collaboration When Fashion and Nature Collide, we created several designs that seemed to arouse interest among our followers. Many asked us where they could get our products. So we decided Lisa, Darren and I to offer them on the Threadless website. We are currently finalizing this project. Within a week, the website Fashioned by Nature on Threadless will be online. Thank again for visiting my blog. Have a good day, Novus!


    3. Alright , if you need someone to promote it on the social media so that more people will know about it, i can do that , I’m a social media manager

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