My home Tour – part 1


Welcome to my home in Montreal, Quebec.

My City Garden




Living Room








Dining Room









My office


Soon, I will show you more rooms, such as the kids rooms, the family room, the master bedroom and the jacuzzi.
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Until the next time…
Photography of 3C Style home by Marie-Claude Viola
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  1. What a beautiful, soulful home you have. It‘s this mixture between elegance and style on one hand and cosiness ans warmth on the other that really speaks to me. Thank you so much for sharing, can t wait to see more😊💛🌸 have a great day!

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  2. Thank you for inviting me in your beautiful home. I love the interior design, love the warmth and the soul of your house. Great photos too. Have a lovely day. xoxo Cris

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    1. Thanks so much Cris. I have been trying to finish decorating this house for the past 10 years. But I realize that home decor is like fashion style it evolves. On my way to see your post dear friend.

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    1. Thank you Darren. It is a cosy home, not too big (read easy to clean) and well located. Ten minutes walk from work and the kids’ schools. I thought for sure that you would make a joke about my garden or my plants… Still sleepy?

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    2. Just a bit harassed – in the office expecting consultant again any minute so trying to get as much done as possible before losing my PC again. I think your garden is lovely and your orchids look very happy!
      And I haven’t had my coffee yet either 😦

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    1. Thank you Megala. The funny thing is the chic woman as you say loves nothing more to wear her jeans with a cozy knit and stay home and read a good book. I don’t have a fancy lifestyle!Thanks again for your lovely comment. Have a great weekend.

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    2. Dear Megala. I thought your first message was lovely and I was not offended by it at all. I understood that you meant “chic” in a positive way. Perhaps my reply sounded like I had took it the wrong way. It is difficult for me to say as English is not my first language. Please accept my apology if it is the case. It was certainly not my intention. I am sorry for the miscommunication.

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    1. I love Christmas decorations! I have not yet done our Christmas tree as my husband is away on a business trip and it is usually something we do together. So I decided to wait for his return and we will decorated it with the kids. Thanks for your kind words and for visiting my blog Alison. Hope everything is going well for you and your family. Have a lovely weekend.

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  3. Dominique what a beautiful house and garden. The fireplace is a dream. We can really see the passion you have for the interior design.

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    1. Ah, you are very perceptive. You are right. It is a passion. For me styling an outfit or decorating a room is very similar and my approach is pretty much the same. I have been interested in the aesthetic of all things since I was very young, thanks to my mom. And Thank you Sonja for your beautiful comment.

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    1. Thank you Linda for this very very kind comment. Now you know what I do with my paycheck. Most of my money goes for food, the kids and my home! The first two are a necessity, the last one, a good investment for our wellbeing and happiness. Wish you a great weekend.

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  4. Dominique !C’est tellement beau!!Les photographies sont tellement bien faites et mettent en valeur l’âme de ta maison! Vraiment remarquable comme esthétique et comme ambiance. Bravo la femme orchestre ☺!

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    1. Hé Imelda! Bonjour et merci de ta visite. Tu le sais, la déco est une véritable passion et une grande source de relaxation pour moi. Comme dans l’écriture, j’essaie de raconter une histoire et de créer une ambiance afin de refléter la personnalité des personnes qui habitent les lieux et répondre à leurs besoins. Ton message me fait donc vraiment plaisir! À bientôt.


  5. Your home is beautiful and is full of love. I adore decorating with books as well. The character in your home and the vignettes you have put together are perfect! Your gardens are very pretty and that orchid 💞 I am so excited to see more!!

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    1. Oh Thank you so much Lisa! Your generous words go straight to my heart. I love books. They are part of who I am. So, in some fashion, I find it normal to incorporate them into my home decor. I have schedule another photos shot for next week. You should see part 2 of my home tour pretty soon. Have a lovely weekend.

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    1. I love this painting too. My husband bought it many years ago while visiting l’Île d’Orléans, in Québec. The name of the artist is unfortunately a mystery because the painting is not signed.

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    1. Aww…You are really sweet, Tam. Thank you for your kind words. I went over to your blog. You have a really nice crafty boutique with lots of affordable ideas. Will pop over for some more inspiration that’s for sure!

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  6. If I had been asked to describe your home, this would be exactly as I would have pictured it! Classy, cozy, inviting and stylish-just like you 🙂 Thank you for the virtual tour, have a wonderful weekend!

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    1. Aww Thanks so much Nellie! The funny thing is I did try do get into design in college. Despite, my good grades I was not accepted. I was in fashion design though. Later, at university, I chose to go for Scientific Journalist and I have been working in that field since then. Home decor is a hobby that I love. What made you become a make-up artist? You are very good BTW at what you do. I am so bad at it. I had so much problem putting on eyeliner and eyeshadows. I just gave up!

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    2. Well you are very talented in your hobby, maybe even better than some of the professionals! Well actually I am still a student. I am also studying fashion, but the media side of it which includes photography, makeup and media. I was never really interested in makeup but I know see it as an art and an expression of one self. But you truly inspired me with the journalism! The makeup is just practice and confidence. You gotta believe in yourself and watch YouTube videos😂

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    3. Your School program sounds wonderful. You could always do a certificat (one year program) in journalist after. That would actually be a great plus to put on your resume. And it’s a good way to see if you really like it. As for the makeup, well the real problem is not the lack of confidence but the lack of interest. Considering my simple lifestyle, a BB cream, some mascara, blush and a crayon lipstick is all I need really. Very often I don’t even put any makeup or just a mascara. When I have a photos shot I just pay a professional to do my makeup. I know, coming from a fashion blogger it does sound weird, but it’s the truth! Have a great week Nellie. Speak to you soon.


  7. You have such a beautiful home, Dominique! It radiates your wonderful sense for style and elegance and would do perfectly in a glossy magazine about living. And with those lovely touches you make it also look like a very comfy place to be which is not easy. A friend of mine had also a beautiful home but it’s not at all comfy and reminds me more of a museum where I may look but not touch. And how lovely that you play the piano – I love it and used to play too a bit. Thank you for letting us into your home and I look forward to part 2! 😄 xoxo

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    1. Yes, It started with one old key and 14 years later…. Don’t ask me why. I don’t even know why I have a thing for keys. But I will try to unlock the feelings I have about old keys and make a post about it. Soon.

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    1. Aww thanks. You are very kind. Really appreciate. What should I call you? M. TechFlax? Mystery man? I looked for your About page on your blog, did not found one. I’m Dominique. Very nice to meet you and welcome to my world.

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    2. I am from Montreal, Quebec which is in Canada. You are from India, right? My husband is in India right now. He’s a guess speaker for a conference. I have never been myself to India, but some of my readers are from India. The photos and recipe they share are always stunning. Love Indian cuisine! A lot.

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  8. J’adore ,! Maison typiquement Canadienne.. J’ai craqué sur des centaines de maisons à Montréal, j’aime vraiment beaucoup.. Dommage qu’il n’y a pas de maisons de ce type en France . 😓😢

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  9. Wow, ta maison est juste sublime… au croisement du classique, rustique avec une belle touche de vintage modernisée et cozy! On a envie de s’installer dans ce superbe canapé, de boire une limonade attablé à ce petit meuble trop charmant (le blanc!) et de chiller dans le jardin (mon énorme crush!). D’ailleurs j’adore aménager les petits espaces extérieurs aussi, je trouve que c’est à la fois plus facile à aménager qu’un grand espace et en même temps, ça reste un sacré défi. Bravo, tu as su le relever avec brio!!!

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    1. Avec un aussi agréable commentaire, je flotte. Voilà, ma journée est faite! J’aime. Je suis émue par ton message car le design et la déco me font vibrer quotidiennement.


  10. I am blown away by how absolutely classy and stylish your place looks. You definitely deserve the word style in your title.
    It is also incredibly tasteful for Christmas too. Most of the time taste and style seems to be put on hold over Christmas, but you have some lovely decorations that nod to the season without it becoming OTT. 🙂

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    1. What a lovely comment Kristian! Thank you. To be honest my decorations are done with my son in mind. He is what the doctors called “Hypersensitive” (much like an autistic person). Bright colors and noises get him overstimulated. So you can imagine how Christmas may easily not be jolly. As he gets older things are getting easier for him though but I still keep the same decorations. Thank you for stopping by. Can’t wait to read more of your stories. You write beautifully.

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