Style Profile: Elena Botchorichvili

Archived post: Given an old post a second life.

Although the content might not be new it still can be relevant to share some of our old posts, especially if these were read or seen only by a few which is often the case when we start blogging. I’ve got a lot of those posts that had only one read… So I thought of sharing some of them in the following weeks. For today, I pulled out from the archives one special post: Meet my friend, the novelist Elena Botchorichvili.

In this interview, Elena talks about her favorite designers and how growing up during the grey USSR has influenced her approach to fashion. Be ready for some fun as her fashion insights reflect the same creativity as her writing.

Hope you’ll enjoy getting to know her as much as I do…

Pour la version en français, voir au bas de la page.
Elena Botchorichvili Photo by New York artist Eteri Chkadua
The writer Elena Botchorichvili has a unique and distinct style marked with humour and fantasy. She writes in a concise and witty manners. Her fashion style reflects the same creativity. I met with the author who doesn’t hesitate to transform the clothes she buys.
Firstly, let me tell you a little bit about this wonderful novelist. She was born in Georgia and lives in Montreal since 1992. Author of eight novels, including Belle vie (Naïve), La tête de mon père (Boréal) and Opera (Les Allusifs), she received in Moscow in April 2016 the Russkaya Premia, one of the most prestigious literary honors awarded to Russian writers of the diaspora. It is awarded by the President Yeltsin Foundation. This former sports journalist is the pride of Georgia. Biographies have been published about her work and her literary…

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    1. Elena is an amazing person and a dear friend. BTW, you are the one who gave me the idea to pulled from my archives. But I tried Roda’s approach (reblogged)… Hope people will go to the original post. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your comment. Have a nice evening Sarah. xoxo

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    2. I´ve read the original post but couldn’t leave a like or comment on it, because I was using my phone at the time, and it behaves funnily when I try to access a post outside the ones provided in my reader list. 😉 Going to do so now! 😀 xoxo

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  1. Great idea to revive old posts! I’m just starting a blog as a hobbie and just like you said: without followers some don’t get read; that and nowadays people is lazy and just don’t read… it’s difficult to keep up, but writing relaxes me, so I’m doing it for me, hopefully I will end up helping someone or inspirating someone. I follow you now.

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    1. Hello Anja… Absolutely agree with you especially because this stylish author I have interview as funny things to say about fashion. She deserves to be read. Thanks for your visit.


    1. Thank you Cris. Hope everything is going well for you my friend. I see all those beautiful photos of yours and they transport me in Australia mentally. Thanks.


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