Bee chic

Archived post: Given another old post a second life. This is the first blogpost I wrote and the content is still SO RELEVANT… To date, in many parts of the world, more than half of the bees needed to sustain crop yields are lacking.

Photography: Burt’s Bees & Pink Tartan
Raise awareness about the importance of bees to the ecosystem and curb the threat on agriculture disappearance. These are the objectives of the brand Pink Tartan and Burt’s Bees that have joined forces and created the t-shirt Bee chic to restrict the disappearance of pollinators.
Available in limited edition since May 2016, the t-shirt is sold at the Pink Tartan store in Holt Renfrew for $ 49. Each Bee chic t-shirt comes with two Burt’s Bees 100% natural lipsticks in spring shades (Iced Iris and Tulip Tide). The funds raised will enable Burt’s Bees and Wildlife Preservation Canada to plant thousands of wild flowers to support bee health and sustainability.
The use of pesticides, especially neonicotinoids, cause the disappearance of bees. Other factors, such as habitat loss, the parasite Varroa destructor and monocultures increase the problem. To date, in many parts of the world…

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  1. Love this post, thank you so much for getting this out. We are always passing out flower seeds to family and friends to plant for what I call our pollinator pets. I put the seeds in colorful little packets with my little whimsical drawings and the words “Treats for your pollinator pets” We love our bees. Great post, thanks for sharing.

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    1. 💕 I like that my first blogpost combined Fashion and Nature. And it was really important for me to address the problems with malnutrition for bees. Something I know you take great care of. xoxo

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  2. Fun bee fact that is going to sound absolutely crazy but I promise it’s true!!! I’m a little wackadoodle hippy trippy, but even my conservative boyfriend tried it…..and Yup. So….bees are very friendly actually and You can pet them. A master gardener hired me a couple of years ago to work alongside her in her garden. She told me about this one day as we were playing in the dirt with bees all around. I burst out laughing and she said, “Watch!” She leaned over and ever so gently stroked a bee in it’s tiny back. It continued to go about its business and let her pet it. My boyfriend and I have pet bees and had them crawl onto our fingers. Never a sting! And my sister was terrified of bees and her garden gets hundreds in the summer. It was so fun to hold her hand, walk her into her garden and teach her this. Now she goes freely about them….no fear!!! AMAZING…right???!!! Thanks for this post. We NEED the bees! Cheers!!!

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  3. The importance of bees can not be overrated! How wonderful that your first blogpost combined a call for attention to this important matter and fashion! Heading right over to the original post to read and learn more! 😀 xoxo

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  4. Yes very true. I’ve just recently discovered my love for bees and I’ve been taking pis of them a lot. They are really beautiful and off too much value to the ecosystem for us to let them go extinct.

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  5. Bees are very important to ecosystem! I would recommend for you to watch (of course, if you haven’t watched yet) Black Mirror’s 3 season 6 episode. It’s about futuristic world and how humans could replace bees and help for the environment. Have a great day!

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