The Good on You App

Millennials are fast taking over the mainstream landscape for commerce. With $680 billion in the market currently and all trends pointing to rising participation, this is a group of people that companies pay close attention to. So when Millennials say that they are exercising the power of the dollar to patronize companies with positive social impact, companies respond.
What if you are a Millennial who is looking to participate in this beautiful new movement? As they say, “there’s an app for that.” Good On You is the easy add on that allows you to check brands for their impact on animals, people and the environment as a whole. Shopping to your values has never been easier!
How exactly does Good On You conduct its work? Well, the proprietary ranking system lists brands on a quantifiable scale in comparison to each other as well. The Ethical Brand Ratings scale takes a serious look at workers in the company supply chain, its use of resources and how it disposes of waste, its energy efficiency and use of chemicals. Of course the app also tracks animal testing, so don’t worry about that. Good On You also keeps up with ethical certifications and other rating projects such as Fair Trade, the Global Organic Textile Standard and OEKO-TEX.
You can do much more than just look for brands that are (and are not) making the grade, however.
If there is a brand that you want to do better, you can use Good On You to chastise it. Congratulate brands that are meeting your standards. You can also quickly sort your searches by your causes, ensuring that you support companies that are after the same things that you are. At the same time, Good On You also gives you the ability to find the best deals from these companies! The app gets exclusive deals, so you are basically rewarded for following your heart and protecting the earth.
Never forget. Each and every one of us buys clothes and through those purchasing decisions we have a huge impact on people, the planet, and animals. Apps like Good on You makes it a heck of a lot easier for better decisions when we shop.
You can do well while you are doing good, and Good On You is living proof of this.
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  1. What a great app and thank you for letting us know! We all want to be more informed about our purchases and this will definitely help. I’m beginning to imagine a life composed of apps! Happy Weekend! 😀

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  2. Hello! Thanks for sharing! I’ve recently taken an interest in sustainable fashion, and that is great to know that there is a way to easily find out how responsible a company is. I will take a look at this app 🙂

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    1. Indeed. I thought some people might be interested to know more about the Brands from who they buy from. I know I do. So warm in here, Ortensia. I’m melting – I wanted to write ‘sweating’ but it ain’t very stylish, right? 🍦

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    2. Lol,I’m sure you can sweat with style dear💃🏻❤️very warm here too….we have been going swimming in the sea nearly every day (just in swimming suit,no wetsuit) and believe me….it’s not something you do in Ireland usually but it’s amazing😀

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