Feeling Light as a Feather

Oh, I long for the feeling you get when nothing is weighing you down – no worries nor pain. You know when you feel “light as a feather”. A nice massage or doing yoga may help us get rid of some tension. But while we wait for our problems to pass we can try to recreate the carefree feeling with our look. Feathers are so trendy right now. So recently I was inspired to embellish my mules with ostrich feathers (see the mules here). It got me intrigued about the use of feathers in fashion. And of course being the curious person I am I had to know. Here is what I found.
Feathers have apparently been a fashion accent piece since the days of the Neanderthals. Many birds found *ewww* de-feathered in cave excavations were killed exclusively for their colorful wingsets.
Native Americans were slightly less barbaric in their methods of procuring the feather headdresses stereotypically associated with their culture, but they also wore bonnets for ceremonial occasions. Here’s something you may not know – women did not wear these bonnets whatsoever. They were exclusively for war, and not even used very often then.
16th century Europe saw feathers used as elements in masquerade masks. At first the exclusive privilege of aristocrats, the accessories finally trickled down into the lower classes over time.
The 20th century saw a resurgence of the feather in a big way during the “flapper era.” Women’s dresses were routinely adorned with feathers. This was also the age in which feather boas became a huge hit with showgirls.
Feathers always seem to make a reappearance when people are looking for a colorful, whimsical look. There has always been something fun about the feather. The look is always unique, because no two feathers are ever exactly alike! You can always be inspired while never appearing too try-hard.
Feathers also serve as their own accessories. If you don’t feel like carrying around a load of accent pieces, you can get everything that you need to say into one design pattern. Judicious use of feathers as a feature in your wardrobe is always a welcome addition to the party! That should take your mind away from worries, right?
Photography of 3C Style by Marie-Claude Viola – Makeup by Emmanuelle Rochefort_MG_9929Silk Dress & Vintage Feather Hat (Thanks Elaine) – Era Vintage Wear / Sandals – Sam Edelman / Earrings & Necklace – Private collection of 3C Style / Venetian Mask – Made in Italy
For me, wearing feathers is one of the most freeing feelings, but so as doing these things below:

Riding a bike


Going Technology Free

Practicing Yoga



What do you do to feel light as a feather?
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    1. I didn’t know that. How interesting. Unfortunately, the only message I got so far from a bird comes from a pigeon… And it was not his feathers that drop on my head. 😄

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    1. I love them! They are so gorgeous, Lisa. I have a big smile on my face and tears in my eyes. Thank you dear friend. You are so kind. I sent you an email. Much love. xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Avoir la légèreté de la plume… je le vis souvent en rêve. Où je vole au dessus de la mer d’un continent a l’autre invisible dans la nuit étoilée. C’est fou hein 😄😄 Ah! le bonheur !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tu fais de beaux rêves! C’est pratique de pouvoir voyager en rêve, moins cher qu’en avion et il n’y a pas d’attente pour les baggages. Bon weekend! 😍


    1. The study I have found (Plus one Journal) suggests that Neanderthal thinking ability was similar to our own. The researchers even suggest Neanderthal had a preference for dark feathers, which they selected from birds of prey and corvids such as ravens and rooks. As to your other question the only way to ensure that no birds suffer for our clothing or accessories is by choosing cruelty-free materials —we need to check the labels. I always go with faux feathers or vintage.

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  2. There were also quills (feather pens). Personally I prefer feathers on birds, but that’s just me. (And the birds.) 🙂 Enjoyable post, sorry I’ve not been here for a while.

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    1. Hi Val. I do agree with you. Feathers look way much better on birds. I do like to wear feather accessories, but I choose vintage feathers or synthetics. Socio-eco-friendly fashion is after all what my blog stands for. No worries about the blogging thing. We all have a life and priorities. Our health, family and friends come first. Hope you and your family are ok. Sending love and a hug to you. 💟🌼

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  3. You know I’m a fan of feathers and I do have a bonnet. I knew woman were not allowed to wear them and still I relate to feathery headdress and you could call it my own revolution when I put it on. For me it has similar meaning and I’m usually channeling my inner warrior or fighting something.
    Beautiful post and really enjoyed reading this. Thank you dear friend. Xo

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  4. I’m a big fan of feathers too and actually just fashioned some earrings with them! 😄 And I always longed for a feather boa- maybe one day. 😄 And thank you for all that carefully researched information about feathers – I just love learning new things! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh I would love to see your feather earrings! I’m such a curious person I do research information on the web about different topics all the time. I love sharing my discoveries with you all. I’m so glad you enjoy it, my curious fellow friend.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I think I will post them then together with the ones I made of clay. 😉 Oh yes, I’m just as curious and always Google things like this too. I bet we both would have made great scientists in the Renaissance era with our constant curiosity and willingness to learn new things. 😄

      Liked by 1 person

    3. I like that idea of us being two detectives as well… Would be nice to add a Sherlock Holmes to our team as well. Wait a minute – I know exactly who that might be: The Arty Plantsman. He’s great at solving botanical mystery! Aww… This just gave me an idea for his blog. Have to send him an email. You rock, Sarah. xoxo

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    4. And now I’m totally curious about what an idea that might be!! 😁 I like the idea of a botanical Sherlock Holmes! Have a great weekend chère amie! xoxo

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    1. Merci! Je suis contente d’apprendre que le texte a répondu à vos attentes. Bonne chance avec la publication de votre ebook. J’adore le nom, Minouche. Cela évoque plein de beaux souvenirs d’enfance pour moi et, bien sûr, le tout est en lien avec un de mes chats. Au plaisir de vous lire à nouveau bientôt.

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    2. OH ! Quelle surprise de voir que Minouche est familier à des personnes 😮 ! Je vous remercie beaucoup de votre soutien et votre bonté 😀 Je vous fait des bises de Martinique on peut rester en contact de toute façon ^^ bon courage au plaisir de vous lire également bientôt!

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    3. Le terme est en effet familier aux francophones. C’est le cas du moins pour ceux qui habitent le Québec. J’aimerais bien être en Martinique présentement! Ici, la température oscille présentement entre -7C et -10C. 😊

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    4. Ohhh quelle chance d’être au Canade et notamment au Québec c’est un très beau pays vous habritez le premier leader francophone Franck Nicolas :p vous pouvez regarder sur youtube il est fantastique avec la tournée 110. Venez alors je vous ferais visiter 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    5. Un grand coach en leadership en effet. J’avoue que je n’avais aucune idée qu’il habitait à Montréal et, de surcroît, à proximité de chez moi, semble-t-il. Merci pour l’information.

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