The Emoji tees are still trendy

Archived post: Given an old post a second life. I wrote this one almost exactly a year ago, and the content is still so relevant… Coz in the age of the Web a new form of politeness is needed.


“Hello, how are you?” This question, asked to an acquaintance on the street, does not mean that we want to engage in a long conversation. In fact, often our interlocutor will have understood it and will simply answer: “Fine and you?” Doing otherwise is almost improper!

Texte en français au bas de la page

This is a form of politeness that is part of the interaction rituals that we engage in everyday life. Unconsciously or not, we reproduce gestures that are there to mark our sociability and respect for others. This is so natural that we do not even pay attention to it. Unless there is an error or mistake in the behavior.

In the age of the Web, where face-to-face interactions are not necessary to communicate, a new form of politeness is needed. Since we do not have the look and the intonation of the person to inform us…

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  1. Fun t-shirts are always in style, especially with jeans! I was working at the airport yesterday and the passengers were wondering how I profiled them so well. “Carrousel Six – Montreal!” “Carrusel Uno – Miami!” For the most part, I can recognize the differences in attitude and appearance of the various passengers, no matter the ethnicity, but so many of them wear t-shirts with their home town emblazoned on it (or a maple leaf…)

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