I’m Over the Moon with the Over-the-Knee Boots Trend

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These boots are not made to walk all over you. They are a dream catcher. For all of you ladies who dream to elongate your legs. Don’t wear these though if the temperature drops below -10C. Otherwise all you’ll catch is a cold!
Let’s be practical and realistic. Most of us can’t buy 10 pairs of boots. We shouldn’t either. I think 3 pairs is a reasonable number. One pair for everyday (i.e. ankle boots or knee-high boots that you can wear with almost everything), one pair that is made to walk in the snow (and warm enough so you won’t freeze your butt off) and another one for special occasions. The over-the-knee-boots fit this last category, obviously. I’m currently obsessing over the coming back of this trend, and you should be too. Over-the-knee-boots can elevate the simplest outfit. Still having cold feet? Take a look at the selection I’ve rounded up. You might start to feel over the moon with this trend too…
Credit photo above: Photography of 3C Style by Darren Sleep

 Here are some nice options 

Note: Just click on the image to know the brand and price of each pair. All of my picks are independently selected and offer a wide price range. If you buy something I link on my blog, I do not earn any commission as I do not have any affiliated links. But I do sometimes collaborate with brands. When it happens, it is always mentioned on the blogpost. Just thought you should know.
Wishing you a wonderful week to you all!
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  1. I love these things, but alas, my short chubby legs look silly in them. Plus, it is difficult to find a pair I can wear. My niece has a pair of lace up knee high sneaker boots. So freaking cute!

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    1. In my youth I was on a steady diet of Over the knee boots! Hihi… Don’t care either if they go out of style. Loved your good attitude toward trends. That’s so the right way to see fashion.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely boot season! I even took out the winter coats and knits of the storage wardrobe in anticipation of the cold that is fast approaching. I want to do like you and hibernate! Big hugs and lots of love to you too. xoxo


    1. The Tory Burch Boots would actually be perfect for you. I find that block heels are the best and they are the same color as your hair. You are always -how do you say? – rad!

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    1. Hi. I wanted to reply to you sooner but I had computer problems over the past few days. I’m trying to catch up with everyone then I will visit you. Be patient with me please. Thanks so much. I choose this color because most of my clothing are rust, black or grey. The boots fit with all these colors.


  2. You look so gorgeous in these, Dominique! And I share your love for these boots and actually have one pair (black leather). And your 3 pair rule is perfect! Sure who wouldn’t love to have 30 or more 😉 but it’s really not necessary and would make a bad impact on our environment. All that over consumerism really should stop, I’m all for quality but not for quantity.
    Have a glorious and beautiful week my friend! Hugs! xoxoxo 💕

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    1. Thanks so much Sarah. I had some computer problems over the past few days, which prevented me from responding to comments and publishing. Everything is not settled yet but… Finger crossed. So happy to hear from you. I will visit you blog later dear friend. Keep well. xoxo

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    2. Do not worry about that Sarah. I’m pretty busy myself at the moment. Just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you and hope everything is well on your side of the ocean. 😊💕 xoxo

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  3. Oh how l remember these boots when they were at the height of fashion in the 80’s, there was a certain something about them that made the heartbeat quicken. I don’t think they will ever be out of fashion with those who don’t stick to society norms.

    Once more great post!

    Makes me think of this as well 🙂

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    1. I did not wear them in the 80s so I’m enjoying them while I can still wear this trend. 😀 By the way, so sorry for my late reply. I had some computer problems over the past few days. Thank you Rory! P.S. The link you sent me does not work.

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    1. Same for me. I also take great care of my shoes and boots. In fact, of all my clothes. Also, my feet are probably the only part of my body that has not changed over the years! Hihi… Sorry for my late reply Britchy. I had computer problems over the past few days. Erggggg! On my way to visit your blog. 😀

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  4. I absolutely need those boots as you know as a Muslim I have to cover my legs and sometimes with short dresses I don’t find matching stuff to go with. You look so lovely in those pictures! Just came here to see how you doing? Take care and stay connected my friend!

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