How to Wear the Fashioned by Nature Cat T-shirts

Cats are incredibly popular on the Internet and social media. They prevail in pop culture as well. Hence the popularity of the feline T-shirts, accessories, and all the cat fashion inspirations. I’m 100% a cat lady, so obviously I love this trend that emerged on the runways in 2010 (Yes, it’s been going on that long. One more proof that Cats rule!) But I’ll admit, not many of the T-shirt designs available have real soul and elegance. In that mind set, our team at Fashioned by Nature have created four stylish Cat T-shirts that are worthy of catwalks — My opinion, of course.😊 I bet you’ll be obsessed with them too, even if you’re a dog lover (don’t hold this against me because I looove dogs too).4CatT-shirts
Made from cotton and Jersey, these tees are socially and environmentally friendly and come in men and women cuts for a purr-fect fit. Think of them as your favourite comfy white tee with the bonus of paw-ticular creative artwork. Be aware: strangers you meet on the street may have the urge to talk to you, and even try to touch you — your T-shirt, I mean. Just so they can check the softness of the fabric. Whether you engage in a conversation and tolerate this behaviour or not is your choice. If they insist, you can always scratch them.
Because I like to make your life simpler, I have styled our tees according to four different personality types. So whether you or the friend/sister/mother you want to give it to is a “Artsy communicator”, “Stylish lady”, “Spiritual guide” or “Natural leader”, I’ve got you covered. satisfied-cat

The Artsy Communicator

Wearing a T-shirt no longer means the death of your style. We all know that. This Eye Catching abstract tee (see below) is further proof of that. Everyone will see that you are something else and you’ll say “Wow, am I really that special?” Girl, you are. Don’t even doubt it for a second. Keep it casual and wear it with jeans, heels (booties or pumps) and distinctive jewelry for a sleek yet artsy laid-back look that says “I’m creative and unique but really dynamic and down to earth too”.
T-Shirt artwork copyright Lisa Lawrence, Lismore Paper & design copyright Dominique Nancy, 3C Style and Lismore Paper, 2018. eyeCATchingCapture.png
Like all of Lisa’s creations, this artwork is a proof of her creative genius. Her work inspired me the Eye Catching slogan. I love this tee so much, I’m giving it to my best friend for Christmas.

The Stylish Lady

How to style a simple T-shirt into an extraordinary 9 to 5 outfit? With this pretty tee, obviously! For an infusion of cool yet still put together at the office you can combine the Catwalk Attitude (read “Catitude”) T-shirt with a tailor suit and pumps. This tee is oh-so versatile — It can easily be style into multiple outfits. Give it an edgy vibe with a leather jacket or a touch of fun and vintage flare with a pleated skirt. You can also tuck the Catwalk Attitude tee into high-waisted trousers or a plaid skirt and complete the look with kitten heels or ankle booties. With this tee you’ll be meandering around any obstacle with ease and grace.
T-Shirt cat artwork copyright Dominique Nancy, 3C Style and scarf artwork Lisa Lawrence, Lismore Paper & flowers print copyright Darren Sleep, The Arty Plantsman; Design copyright Fashioned by Nature, 2018.CatWalkAttCapture
Originally, the cat’s scarf of my drawing was a silk square. Lisa has digitally modified it to be able to add Darren’s own Moraea scarf pattern to it. If you haven’t yet seen the Moraea scarf done by Darren a few months ago, see our July Issue of When Fashion and NatureCollide. Since then, Darren has made a few changes on the scarf pattern and he is now working on the print quality but hope to resolve this soon so you can purchase it.

The Spiritual Guide

T-Shirt artwork copyright Darren Sleep, The Arty Plantsman & Design copyright Darren Sleep, Dominique Nancy, 3C Style & Lisa Lawrence, Lismore Paper, 2018.PawBlackCatCapture
The magic of the Fashioned by Naturepaw3 werful Black Cat relies on his physical and mind flexibility, his senses and intuition and the strength of his heart. All of these show him new ways of looking at the world and interacting with it. Our PBC has a message for you. Whether you are a man or woman, It’s time to let your magic shine too; focus more on your personal power and how you use it. Just as black cats you are worthy of love and dignity. Do not let social stigmas tell you otherwise. Our P paw3 werful Black Cat was created to remind you of that and to aid your healing process if your sense of self as left you in the dark so you can achieve all of your dreams.
The design of this athleisure piece is polish and bold — keep everything else simple. Pair it with your jeans or corduroy pants for a daytime look or with a leather skirt for a lovely night out. Bonus point if you wear it to your yoga class too.

The Natural Leader

T-Shirt artwork copyright Darren Sleep, The Arty Plantsman & Design copyright Darren Sleep & Dominique Nancy, 3C Style, 2018.


Powerful — Sometimes, you feel like you can move mountains and other times, you wonder if you’ll ever achieve your dreams. That’s life. We all have ups and downs. In addition to having beautiful lettering (thanks to Darren!), this Pop Art-inspired tee encourages the proliferation of good vibes, without making everyone feel like they’re joining a cult.
At any rate, they’ll follow your lead or should I say “paw” because you have the qualities of a Natural leader. Our PPaw2werful T-shirt is definitely the kind of tee you’ll want to put on everyday. I would just throw a plaid or herringbone blazer over it and add a trendy box bag.


So, which T-shirt fits your personality?
Note: These T-shirts are made by our team at Fashioned by Nature, but all opinions are mine and objective — *ahem* of course. 😂 Don’t forget to visit my friends’ blogs at Lismore Paper and The Arty Plantsman to learn more about the making of these tees.
These 4 T-shirts and other Fashioned by Nature products will be available for you on December 1st on Threadless. Here’s the link:
Mark your calendar. The next edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide is on November 21st. That’s in two days! Meanwhile, if you have missed our previous issues you might want to check our September Issue & October Issue.StayStrongCapture
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  1. Ohhhh! Superbes t-shirts! Dommage que les T ne me fassent pas bien 🙁… Mais en tout cas ils sont magnifiques. J’adore le minou roux. J’avais un minou roux (au temps jadis) à l’écurie et je l’avais nommé Rouminet.😽

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Merci Imelda. Quel joli nom pour un chat. Tous les designs présentés sont aussi disponibles sur d’autres produits comme des tasses, agenda et des bouteilles d’eau en acier inoxydable. Bonne semaine! xoxo


  2. Hey Lady D, another purrfect post, one that l can get my claws into. I think one of the biggest problems with some of the cat designed tee shirts on the market is that, the designs at times are all a bit icky. Whilst these designs are clear cut and cat’chy. I had to paws to think of these puns you know!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love the way you think and your puns! Yes, you are right about the icky designs of some t-shirts. We had fun creating ours. I’m glad you like them. I will be wearing them proudly! Thanks for your lovely comment, Rory. Hope you are doing well. I will visit you soon.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. No, l think you are safe, it’s good to see that the ‘answer’ is avoiding so many people who l think will kick themselves a little when it’s finally cracked 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I did sent a reply on your blog. I took the time first to put some “like’ on comments so it would help people to find the mystery blogger. ❤️ Mel got it! Clever girl.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, two. Lily is a 12-year-old calico and Echo is a 19-year-old black cat who has Siamese in him. You should hear him yowl for no apparent reason. Now Walter yowls back at him. It’s the funniest thing! I haven’t seen your reply, yet. Maybe I missed it? 💕🐾💕🐾💕

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Would love to see them. A photo maybe? Reply to your email? No. Not yet, so sorry. I’m so bad. Crazy down here. Olivier needs help with his study. Lots of exams to prepare… He has ADHD. Found a way to make his study a little bit more interesting. I’m the student and he is the teacher. He is beginning to think his mom is stupid. I rarely get the right answers to his questions so he has to explain to me why. Could you send me an email with your phone number? I could give you a call.

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