Want to know what I have done while taking my bath?


Good. Now that I’ve got your attention… 

I need to tell you that I’m burning but it’s not from desire. Lol. To find out more about the stupid thing I have done while taking my bath – go and read my guest post over on my friend Linda’s blog! That’ll surely get you a laugh.


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  1. I was rolling on the floor with laughter at the point where you wrote about ‘sabotage of the lid!’ 😂 You’re such a damn good writer, Dominique! Thanks for totally making my day with your super funny story! 😄 My, those police men would have loooved to see you in just your towel! 😉

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    1. Stuff like that often happened to me. I’m telling you I could write a book with all the embarrassing and funny things that I’m a victim of. I’m glad it made you laugh. Thanks for stopping by my friend’s blog. Keep well, Sarah. xoxo

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