10 trendy ways to tie a silk scarf – whatever the season

Seriously, if you are not wearing your silk scarves this winter you are missing out a big trend. This timeless accessory should be on your radar right now. Learn how to fold, wrap, twist and knot them like a fashion editor.

A silk scarf adds some polish to your look ––and yes, it can be worn in the winter, too. It is actually a cool accessory to incorporate to your cold-weather outfits. When the temperature drops, this teeny item might be the little extra layer that you need to stay warm. Here’s 10 ways to tie and wear this timeless accessory, whatever the season.
Note: I’m not a big fan of rules. My motto is Do as you wish. But sometimes it’s good to follow a few rules, especially when it comes to tie a scarf. First, you need to fold it properly! Trust me. It makes a huge difference in the styling. So learn how to do it. It’s easy. Take both corners into the middle and then fold it into a snake shape. This way you’ll end up with a much sleeker look.
Now, you’re ready. You can choose any…

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    1. I’m wearing my silk scarves and bandanas all the time! They are part of my signature style along with button-down shirts, turtlenecks and pencil skirts. 😊 Thanks for stopping by my blog Ive.


    1. Definitely! The thing with silk scarves is that we usually wear them in summer but we forget about them when comes winter. It is a great accessory to wear whatever the season and such an easy way to add colour and texture to our outfits. Have a lovely week Luda. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Scarf is not just fashion accessories, our Neck is one of the most exposed area during cold seasons and a very large scarf can be magical! Giving that protection really and even chest area, mouth and nose. I love this post, really interesting as always Dominique.

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  2. Really like reading all of these creative ways to tie a scarf around your neck. I’ve always fumbled with my scarves, and maybe I will give scarves another go later this winter in Australia. Also I really like how you can tie a scarf around your bag as a fashion accessory – and a good place to put it if you don’t need it! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Mabel for your visit and comment. Yes, scarves are great fashion accessories. I particularly like to tie a scarf around my bag. It’s an easy way to add color or pattern to our look. Happy Sunday!

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  3. I love my timeless silk scarf and wear it every season. 😄 very classic colour combination of red, white and blue which looks great on almost anything. Thanks for showing us how to properly knot them! 😄💕

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