9 ½ weeks with Titi, or the story of the “domesticated” squirrel

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“I did not make the commitment to be the friend of the squirrels of the neighborhood but I had a crush on Titi —completely nuts! ” says Mathieu-Robert Sauvé, a friend and fellow journalist. It was he and his wife, Caroline, who saved the life of the gray squirrel featured in the October edition of When Fashion And Nature Collide —see it HERE.


Since then, I did another photo shoot with Titi and he was very collaborative.

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What a pleasure for me to see this adorable ball of fur come to perch on my shoulder, a rather unusual behavior for a rodent! Titi spent several weeks with Mathieu-Robert’s family, mostly in the slipper of his youngest son, which explains why it is now a little “domesticated”.

Here is the story of Titi presented by my friend Mathieu-Robert…

My life with Titi
The baby squirrel was about five weeks old when it saw Caroline. It was between cars; abandoned and lost. It was looking for heat and nuts. She had only to reach out. It climbed. My fiancee has a tender heart. This small, bushy-tailed beast, icon of the city of Montreal, with its official name “Gray Squirrel” (Sciurus carolinensis), had it all! She put him in a box of shoes, fixed on her scooter. And vroom, vroom; house direction.
When I arrived, I saw this thing in my kitchen and thought about fleas; bites, and diseases. I sprayed him with insecticide and put a nest in the solarium. After all, we already have two cats, 17 fish, four children. Raccoons and wild beasts, outside!
It was not me who tamed him; it was him who seduced me. I called him Titi. Sweet, fun, communicative … the animal has become autumn’s attraction. He accompanied us everywhere; I repaired the bike and shaved my beard with my buddy. I thought I lost him one morning; we found him lying in a ball in a slipper.
Almost a domestic animal, he went to bed at dusk and slept until dawn. He even slept in, pointing the tip of his muzzle around 8 am, yawning and stretching all his legs. A few walnuts, a handful of sunflower seeds and, a treat of happiness, a spoonful of peanut butter. He lacked nothing. Even love. Everyone knows that the squirrel hides its reserves for the coming winter. But is this acquired or innate? And how can it know that it’s time to build a nest? All this crossed our minds when Titi started to look outside.
After a month of cocooning-all-included diet, Titi was introduced to a tree. He climbed with hesitation. Uncertain about the texture and the fact that this thing has no ceiling, he took a step and then two. Head in the air, head down, he enjoyed exploring the branches. Then, as in real families, he started to forget that we existed. He slept in a gutter (I put him back in his slipper); then he did not show up at dusk. Once, twice.
“Titi! Titi!” Left!
Today, we hardly see him anymore. Only when he needs the keys of the car or he has to go to Ikea. Such is life.


A journalist and author, Mathieu-Robert Sauvé has published 13 biographies and essays. His most recent book, La violence des agneaux, (Éditions Québec Amérique) chronicles the incredible career of scientist Richard Tremblay. For those of you who can read French, it is on sale HERE

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As for me, well, I’m looking forward to seeing Titi again. Hopefully, in Spring. Fingers crossed.




Photography of 3C Style by Hamza Boudjelal –– Makeup by Khalida Senni
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    1. Mine was Comme ci, Comme ça… Lots of chores! But I had a great time reading a few blog posts and also had a fun dinner with my son. Have a wonderful week ahead. Hope it is not too difficult for you to go back to work after the Fall break.

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    1. The Eurasian red squirrel is sooo cute. I haven’t seen any over here though. We have the black squirrel, but Montreal’s most common species is the eastern grey squirrel. Many people don’t like them because they chewed through compost bins, and leave food scraps all over. Thanks for stopping by Paula. Keep well. xoxo


    1. Oh yes, Titi is in good hands. My friends continue to give him nuts every day so he can survive the cold weather. Titi even creates food caches… Sometimes, he hides nuts in the shoes left in the solarium! Lol Happy Sunday, Brigid.

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  1. I’m hearing a collective, “Awe”. Titi is a real cutie. He certainly was given the royal treatment. I wonder if he gained any weight with his extra feedings? Knowing your weather, I bet you will see you tiny pal once again. Just bring a bag of nibbles. God’s grip & my hugs, Dominique – Alan

    Liked by 3 people

    1. According to my friend who sees him regularly, Titi has gained weight and looks healthy. He will surely survive our cold weather. You’re right —I’m sure I’ll see him once again, but I doubt he’ll let me get that close. He has apparently already become wilder. His little buddies have probably warned him about humans! But perhaps with a bag of nibbles… Lol Thanks so much for your lovely comment Alan. Sending hugs and love from Montreal. xoxo

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  2. I have enjoyed learning of Titi and was beyond excited when he was happy to be photographed. He is enjoying life to the fullest and bringing us joy in the process. What a beautiful story of love. Thank you for sharing this with us. Much love and hugs 💕😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You and Alan are absolutely right: Titi was “given the royal treatment!” but he brought us lots of joy and laughter. I have beautiful memories to cherish. Hope I will see him again. Have a wonderful week ahead sis. Hugs.


    1. Lol You are not doing anything wrong Victoria. Wild things cannot be tamed! Even with Titi I had to be strategic. I will write about it in another post. Thanks for visiting my site and your fun comment.


  3. What an enchanting story of Titi Dominique. It reminded me of when we brought tiny Lamby into our home and how she became almost domesticated and part of our family. Amazing how a tiny critter can worm its way into our heart. Hope Titi is thriving and enjoying all the nuts and happiness it desires. Gorgeous post. xx

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    1. I remember your adorable Lamby. You must miss her. Your right —although i love all critters I never thought that I would have such a huge crush on a squirrel. Lol The lovely Titi now lives as a happy wild squirrel and takes full advantage of his second chance. Everyone deserves a shot at happiness! ❤️

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  4. A terrific read Dominique – the true secret behind going Nuts l feel is all down to Titi … well maybe for the squirrel as to the rest of your gand, perhaps more au natural ..

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    1. I sure miss him! Titi is back in the wild now. You are right —perhaps, if I wore the Going Nuts t-shirt he would come and visit me again. Lol Thank you Rory for your comment and friendship.


  5. Such a wonderful story!!! Titi is sooo cute, and was so lucky to find such a good home with your friends! I totally get that Mathieu speaks of him daily. 😉 And Titi’s diet sounds great even to me. 😉 Does your friend know: squirrels also like to eat some apple cubes during summer? A tip from one squirrel lover to another although I never shared my home with one. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I think that Titi was also given apples, corn and vegetables but I think his favorite snack was the peanut butter!!!!! That’s one of the reasons I could never have a squirrel in my home —my son is allergic to peanut butter! I know you are a true squirrel lover. I have seen your stunning photos too. Happy Sunday my dear friend. xx 😍

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    1. Oh Ribana, I am so thankful for this amazing experience. Such an unusual encounter. Titi is back in the wild now but I have some great memories to cherish. Thanks for stopping by. Sending hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries. I am behind on my blog posts reading too. Sooo behind. I have asked Santa for more precious time but I’m still waiting. I think that I am on his naughty list…

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