About Me & The Blog

Dominique Nancy

I am Dominique Nancy and here on 3C Style I share with you my interest for nature, fashion, style and all things beautiful through my discoveries. How to mix prints and colours? How to distinguish a 100% vintage garment? How to be stylish without breaking the bank? Why do we find Paraben in some beauty products? What are the benefits of slug slime for my skin? Is my yoga clothing made of bamboo fibber eco-friendly? These are examples of questions that arouse my curiosity.
I tend to question myself about everything and to seek information. The fashion industry and beauty is no exception. Hence this blog! In my every day life, I’m a French scientific journalist from Quebec, Canada. For the blog, I write about sustainable clothing, trends and styling. I share with you my creativity through outfit ideas, DIY, portraits of stylish women & designers and the series When Fashion And Nature Collide, a monthly collaboration done with two fellow bloggers and friends, Lisa and Darren. Every now and then I also share my thoughts about specific topics related to the world around me, as well as my own trials and learning. You will find these posts in my humour capsules.
The three “C” in 3C Style refer to classic, contemporary and chic. No matter your fashion preferences and budget, it is possible to be stylish. Whatever your age and your look. I’m not perfect but I have a frame that millions of women have and should enjoy. The blog could just as well be called 8C style as it also advocates a “reasonable consumer” , “ethical conscience” as well as “creativity”, “curiosity” and “courage” to see fashion differently.
If you are reading this, you already are part of my world. I hope you will follow me in my adventure to discover more of 3C Style. Then, I will have the chance to get to know you better myself. Because the best thing about blogging is the connections we make!


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