Opera, the music of life and death

Elena Botchorichvili, Opéra, Les Allusifs, 2002, 65 pages.
Opera is a text all in music, it speaks of life and death. In the background, an “armed conflict” that strangely resembles a civil war. We are immersed in the absurd, at the heart of totalitarian bureaucracy. The images clash with irony. The rhythm of the writing takes us into the senseless spiral of this opera where all the characters are dead.
This 65 page novel from the author Elena Botchorichvili goes to the heart of things… The disturbing and moving story stages the horror of the war in a mix of reality and fiction where the imaginary characters share their last hour on earth.
This book has attracted the interest of Georgian and Quebec producers who are currently working on a film project. “This will be the first co-production between Georgia and Canada”, says the author, pleased with this collaboration.

What I like most about this novel?

  • The strange characters close to reality;
  • The concise manner in which the author writes and narrates as well as the disarming way in which she manages to describe simply and with humor the difficult daily life of those who try to live in spite of the war;
  • The mixture of love, war and the role of imagination in the storytelling.
The novelist Elena Botchorichvili was born in Georgia and lives in Montreal since 1992. Author of eight novels, including Belle vie (Naïve) and La tête de mon père (Boréal), she received in Moscow in April 2016 the Russkaya Premia, one of the most prestigious literary honors awarded to Russian writers of the diaspora. It is awarded by the President Yeltsin Foundation. This former sports journalist is the pride of Georgia. Biographies have been published about her work and her literary career. Postcards and even a stamp were produced in her image.
At home, critics rave regarding her novels. Le Devoir and La Presse, in particular, reported her talent. Ms. Botchorichvili writes in a concise, witty and as a unique style marked with humour and fantasy. Her works have been translated into Italian, Romanian, Portuguese, Georgian, Norwegian and Czech.
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