How to wear pastel colors in Fall?

Powder blue, baby pink, canary yellow, mint green … I like wearing these feminine colors in automn. This is my way to extend a little bit the summer and brighten the gray days of rain. For a successful look that is not too “little girl”, I prefer at this time of year, to wear pastel in small touches and combine it to basic colors like cream, gray, camel and navy blue. Not complicated.
For a look that’s out of the ordinary, my tip is to contradict the codes. I combine pastels to strong pieces of clothing (like leopard pumps) or pieces borrowed from the boy’s. For example, you can wear a yellow pencil skirt with a denim shirt and white sneakers; a light blue blazer or oversize coat with a structured camel bag or a pink silk blouse with jeans. This kind of contrast has its effect.
The other challenge is styling your pastel clothes and accessories with the right shoes. And no, the black shoes are not ideal. Note that I’m not saying it’s bad taste. Just that it is not very original. Think outside the box and opt for the camel, beige or gray. Whether it is booties, flat or square heeled loafers, boots or pumps, you’ll be elegant with these color combinations. WOW effect guaranteed! I include in this category leopard shoes and snakeskin sandals and boots (false skin please) which accommodate well with girly colors.
For jewelry it’s simple. If your look is colorful, calm things down with jewelry of a single color, preferably neutral. If your outfit has only one pastel shade then you can make a color boost with jewelry and accessories. It may even be interesting to use complementary colors (using two colors positioned one opposite the other on the color wheel). For example, orange and blue. You can also choose similar colors on the color palette, such as mauve and lilac.
See the images below for examples of beautiful autumn outfits with pastel colors.
Love mixing these Sophia Webster leopard pumps with my Coach blue bag.
Photo by 3C Style
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