Halloween DIY Trick or Treat T-shirt and Canvas Tote

Halloween is right at the corner. If you’re anything like me you must LOVE -read “be obsessed with”- this holiday. So, you took your pumpkins out, decorated your home and front door, sent out the party invites and even planned a menu that will friendly spook your guests. Everything is ready; the scene is set for when your friends and the neighbourhood kids ring your doorbell. Perfect! Well almost… You just don’t feel like dressing up in a costume. BOO!
No worries. I’ve got an outfit idea that will have you carry on the spirit of Halloween, without the fuss of putting on weird clothing and make-up. This awesome Black Cat artwork from Lisa Lawrence over at Lismore paper (see image below) makes a great October 31 theme T-shirt. Just have it print on a tee or better yet do it yourself with an iron-on transfer paper. Wear it with your favourite jeans or skirt and some Gothic glamour jewelry and Voilà! You are ready to have fun. While you’re at it why don’t you DIY a few Take-Home Totes your guests will love. This quick-to-make favor can also be use as a Halloween candy bag. Hope I’ll inspire you to make these at home.
Photography and DIY by 3C Style –– Stylist: Dominique Nancy –– Artwork & design copyright Lisa Lawrence, Lismore Paper

Trick or Treat T-shirt and Canvas Tote

You will need a T-shirt and a canvas Tote, iron-on transfer paper, and Lisa’s downloadable design for these quick-to-make Halloween projects. The T-shirt and Tote were easy to do. See the instructions in the link below. If you print the design from your own inkjet printer don’t forget to:
1. Pick the right paper type for the job according to the colour of fabric you’ll use. Light fabric requires light paper and vice versa.
2. Switch your printer to mirror mode if you are printing on light colours.
3. Make sure you set the paper correctly in your printer tray to print on the correct side.
For the iron-on transfer part, I have follow the instructions here.

The Halloween Candy Bag


It should have been easy as 1, 2, 3… BUT (there is always a BUT, right?) the experience was a bit frightening. Let’s just say I goofed-up. I had no problem with the canvas tote. The iron-on transfer paper works well on such fabric. But I wanted to use a recycled bag with a bold colour for the Halloween candy bag. It didn’t go the way it should. I mean, not the way I thought it would. To make a story short just know that if you opt for a recycled bag you better make sure the fabric isn’t made of plastic! Otherwise, you won’t be able to apply motifs to it with an iron. It is simply too warm for this type of material. It burns! Yep, I should have checked that the material used for heat transfer was able to withstand high heat. Duh! What can I say, mistakes can happen. Thankfully, I didn’t burn anything else in the house. After that fun (My hubby, a.k.a. The Laboratory Rat, did have a good laugh), I opted for a conservative approach… decal! It works but permanence won’t be possible in this case. Oh well, I’ll do another one next year.
If you go with a decal for your Halloween candy bag, follow these steps below.
1. Remove the air bubbles that may have formed on your decal by rubbing a credit card firmly across the sticker. This will prepare for its application.
2. Peel the white paper of the back of the sticker.
3. Apply the sticker onto the surface of the bag and rub it in place with a credit card. It’s done!
If you are using a clear decal, proceed with step 4.
4. Peel slowly the clear transfer tape off at an angle. Proceed with caution. If the sticker pulls away from the fabric, just repeat step 3.
Note: If DIY is not your cup of tea, just have Lisa’s artwork framed. Her Black Cat poster is perfect to create an inexpensive mood vignette in your house.


Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the next edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide on October 17th. Hope you’ll come laugh and celebrate the Fall season with us. See our September Issue.
Happy Halloween!
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    1. Merci Tony. Tu es toujours tellement gentil à mon égard. P.S. Cela fait plusieurs fois que j’essaie d’aller sur ton blogue, mais il n’y a plus d’accès. 😦 Puis-je espérer te lire à nouveau prochainement?

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    1. Hihi… I thought it would be interesting to offer an alternative. Thanks for your kind comment. P.S. I have been trying to visit your blog a few times but there is something wrong with the link. The page is blank. 😦

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    1. Haha… I have a few scars as well. Yes, the week is good so far but really busy. I’m still working on my When Fashion and Nature Collide collaboration post, which is forthcoming tomorrow!

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    2. I should be posting it in 12 hours my time, that’s 7 hours for you since you are in UK! I think you will specially like this edition since Darren took almost all of the pictures.

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  1. I have no special attachments to Halloween as I grew up in a country where it didn’t occur (and thus I don’t like pumpkins in any form or shape—to eat or drink that is. However I do like the Black Cat artwork from Lisa. Very cool.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I do not like pumpkin drinks either. The squash soup is good once a year, but certainly not the soup I prefer. Halloween is a tradition here in Quebec. And I take great pleasure celebrating this fall festivity. No doubt my mischievous side that appreciates being able to express itself freely. Lisa’s art is indeed fabulous. I like everything she does. Thank you for visiting and commenting Otto.

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  2. This is so cool! Although I do actually love to get into a crazy costume. 😉 I think that tee would be great to wear all year round, such a lovely design by Lisa.
    And it’s so handy that you added the instructions as well! But poor you, it’s always sad when experiments don’t work out the way we hope. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a new try next year.😉 xxx 😍😻🎃

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    1. I actually had to have Wendy go and find the one I had upstairs somewhere. I bought it years ago when I wanted to learn how to sew. It is still pristine. The only other iron I’ve ever owned was one my Mom gave me when she sent me off to college. It might still be around here somewhere. I might have kept it for sentimental reasons. I know it got no use. I know…telling this to a fashionista is sacrilege. I’m only glad you love me in spite of it. You do, don’t you? Oh gosh, I hope you do! 😉

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  3. Actually, Halloween is my favorite holiday. But, I feel like I am missing it in Tucson. We dont get trick or treaters here, and my kids are in Redmond. Also, our daughter’s birthday is the 28th-kinda hate missing all of it 😬

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