Texting and walking is stupid!

Walking n' texting+angTexting and driving is criminal. Texting and walking is just stupid… With or without a smartphone! Please be smarter than that. I just saw two days ago a man who almost got hit by a car because he was crossing a street while texting. While harmless falls can be funny, texting and walking can have you killed and hurt others too. Be a responsable pedestrian. Don’t text while walking. Here’s a video to convince you.

Écrire un texto en conduisant est un acte criminel. Texter en marchant est juste stupide… Avec ou sans un téléphone intelligent ! Soyez plus brillant. Il y a à peine deux jours, j’ai vu un homme qui a failli être happé par une voiture car il écrivait un texto en traversant la rue. Alors que certains accidents sont inoffensifs et peuvent être drôles, écrire en marchant dans la rue peut être extrêmement dangereux, voir vous tuer et blesser les autres. Soyez un piéton responsable. N’écrivez pas de texto en marchant. Voici une vidéo pour vous convaincre de cesser cette habitude.


Credits: photography of 3C Style by Annie Gaudreau. Ilustration by Angie Ordonez @thexostudio_

Have a Great week everyone. Stay strong, stay stylish! – Bonne semaine tout le monde. Soyez forte, soyez stylée !

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  1. Hear Hear! People who do this are basically making others responsible for their safety and selfishly assuming the world is going to move out of their way.
    I also get a bit irritated when I have a coffee or a meal out with a friend and they must have their phone on the table and break off conversation to check it every time a notification comes through. But maybe that’s because I’m a grumpy old fella 🙂

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    1. You are not alone Yvonne. It makes me sad though because I see almost every week an accident happening because of this habit. I have to admit that I don’t understand.


  2. On pourrait peut-être imaginer que l’application soit doublée d’un dispositif détecteur de mouvement qui bloque une tentative de texter et déclenche une alarme gênante. La balle est dès lors dans le camp de l’industrie…

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    1. Oh, mais quelle bonne idée. Jocelyn travaille déjà avec des chercheurs de HEC sur un projet similaire (option de l’alarme gênante en moins par contre). Bonne semaine Richard.


  3. Great post!!! And so true! It’s just really stupid. I get annoyed even at home when my husband has working phone permanently switched on just because he needs to be updated and online even when having holidays and being with our little monkey 🙄 What a weird time! Or maybe I am too old fashioned.

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    1. Je suis étonnée par la réaction des gens. La majorité, du moins ceux qui commentent, pensent comme toi et moi. Je croyais, et craignais un peu, me faire des ennemis avec un tel message. Mais non! C’est tout le contraire. Agréablement surprise. Bonne semaine Imelda.


  4. I completely agree with you! I see many people doing that, but it’s just not for me. Since the advent of smartphones, the world seems to go a bit crazy… it helps us in many things, but when exaggerated, it can harm. I am following you, loved your blog!

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    1. Thank you Tashnee. I am touched that
      you thought of 3C Style again. You are always very kind to me and I’m thankful and happy that our paths have crossed. If you don’t mind, I will do a follow up on this award later on as I have received another one recently. A million thanks dear friend.

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    1. Thanks Carolina for your comment and for visiting my blog. Went to see yours. Ooh so beautiful. I wish I could read better spanish though. It’s good practice for me. Have a great week.


  5. Sur une rue deserte près de la Rivière des Prairies et surtout une rue croisée par aucune autre, je réponds parfois à mes amies avant d’arriver à la maison… mais comme je porte des lunettes de lecture.. impossible de marcher en même temps. Je prends des pauses amies avant de reprendre la routine de la maison.

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    1. Voilà qui est intelligent, sécuritaire et du coup agrémente ton retour chez toi! J’aime l’idée “des pauses amies”. Bien plus joli comme terme que “Text stops”. Bonne semaine Anne-Marie.


  6. I sadly have personal experience of this. I was walking home from work a few years ago and trying to ring my daughter when suddenly a lamp post walked straight into me..OUCH!! I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I hit it with a real force. Not my proudest moment and i suffered for a few days after but I learnt my lesson!

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